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Prime Items for E-waste Recycling

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Various electronics for e-waste recycling

Recycling of e-waste is gaining ground in most of the world. Phrases like “reduce, reuse, recycle” are commonplace, and the idea that some or even most of people’s trash can be recycled and used again are just as common.

What’s odd is how little of that ideology is applied to electronic waste. Devices and gadgets are no less useful as recycled goods, and yet are more often than not just thrown away.

What Items Are Suitable For E-Waste Recycling?

Items filled with toxic materials that will poison the air and land around them as they sit in a landfill or are burned in an incinerator are prime candidates for recycling.

Therefore, it becomes important to consider just what items can be recycled and why. One major reason why is the value in these items.

First, it is highly costly to continue making the tools when you can reuse older ones. Phones for instance contain gold, silver, and copper.

Each year more than $60 million is discarded through cell phones alone in those precious metals.

Some manufacturers such as Acer, Apple and Hewlett-Packard have begun to use buyback programs for old electronics. Other companies provide instructions on how to e-cycle their materials.

Items For E-Waste Recycling

Many different types of devices are perfect for e waste recycling, helping both to eliminate the junk around a home and still benefit the environment.

The obvious candidates are cell phones and computers.

Recycling Phones

Phones are made obsolete faster than many can keep up, making a market in old phones. From the computing parts to the battery, phones are filled with toxic materials.

As long as the phone is working, many communities are actively accepting older phones. These can be given to older citizens or those without a phone.

Doing so doesn’t even need a search for an electronic waste disposal business.

Recycling Computers

Computers are modular to an extent, meaning the parts can be reused in some cases before the raw components are even considered. The same is true for desktops, laptops, tablets, and even hard drives or e-readers.

Selling them second-hand or turning them into an e-cycling location is a great way to dispose of them ethically.

Computers are more than their towers. Monitors or even older TVs fall under e-cycling.

The same is true for the peripherals such as keyboards, mice, speakers, or additional gadgets like MP3 players, DVD players, or the newer equivalent in Blue-Ray.

All of these are recyclable for parts or the materials they are made of. Data only really needs to be a concern with phones and computers.

The rest can be e-cycled quickly and easily to get rid of them without causing an issue at your landfill.

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