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A Tech Recyclers has been providing professional e-waste recycling services since 2016 and has recycled over 40,000 computers and other e-waste during this time.

Our passion is to make it easy to redirect your e-waste from landfill where it can be safely recycled, or sent to a new home where it can continue to be of service

We welcome e-waste from any business or workplace including schools, universities, TAFE, hospitals, and clubs.
Contact us today on 0402 651 980 to discuss your e-waste or book a pickup

A Tech Recyclers operates from a 1200m2 warehouse in Mentone and services the whole Melbourne area with a free pickup service and 24/7 drop-off point.

We recycle, on average, 200 computer per week plus other e-waste such as ipads, servers, and monitors. Many of these are reused in Australia and what can’t be reused here is shipped overseas where they are put to good use in schools or recycled for precious metals. You can rest assured that your e-waste is providing benefits to others, especially those less fortunate, or being safely recycled.

We also provide a buy back option where we purchase bulk quantities of computers that meet our criteria.
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Call us today to discuss your e-waste: 0402 651 980

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