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The electronics and gadgets we use on a daily basis are designed to make life more enjoyable and simpler. The catch comes when you consider what to do with your older devices. They are no longer needed, or may even be inoperable. You can’t just throw them away. Many contain toxic substances that are dangerous or illegal to have in a landfill. Worse yet, some are sent to incinerators that will send those toxins into the air. Rather than simply trying to throw these devices away, electronic recycling is a far better option for the environment. One way is to give them to stores like Goodwill. These locations can through partners refurbish the electronics, and possibly sell them for cheap to those interested and give the device a new life. Other donation options are just as beneficial to a community while removing them from your home.

The parts and materials used in electronic devices are specialized. Such means these parts cannot be widely used in a variety of other industries or purchased easily in a store. For working devices, this means a hard-to-obtain part is available for those that understand how to get it without destroying it. Alternatively, those that are skilled in such may be willing to pay you for the part and take it out themselves. Even if you do not have the tools or skills to disassemble your old technology, others might and still wish to let you profit.

Regardless of how you wish to recycle these devices, it is important to consider their informational contents. Using the device includes it storing numbers and data you put in it. Identifying information that you do not want to have exposed where others can steal your identity or access your resources. As such, always be sure to do what you can to erase the information permanently. For computers, there is a DoD process that uses an overwriting scheme to make all information unreadable- and does that three times to be certain. When you dispose of the devices be sure either to do this yourself, or ensure that the e-cycling location will do it for you. Always protect your information. Phones are no different from laptops or computers. Be careful to remove any and all personal information from the memory of the device before getting rid of anything that has memory storage. Formatting the hard drive is a good start, but should never be considered enough.