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Our world is advancing in technology at a rapid pace. On occasion, this involves a revolutionary form of technology or program. Far more often a new development creates a new, faster, or simply better model of existing technology. Recent societal developments make it far simpler to replace an old piece of tech as opposed to upgrading it. This combined with typical degradation from use makes most of us familiar with the idea of e-waste. Electronic devices that either no longer work, or are obsolete. In most cases, the devices do contain materials that cannot be sent to a landfill. Batteries contain caustic acids, computers have toxic elements to them, and other such dangers make throwing out e-waste either unwise or illegal depending on the area. In order to help create a sustainable future, electronics need to be e-cycled and either disposed of properly or re-purposed into newer uses.

E-cycle locations are dedicated to intercepting as much electronic waste as is possible before it heads to the landfill. Doing so not only prevents the toxic materials from entering the landfill, but also make it possible to possibly refurbish some materials. The technology may be outdated to some degree or disabled, but repairs or reprogramming can make them useful again. Other options can be to reclaim some of the materials that are still valuable from the components, and use them to help create new items or even sell as raw materials back into the computer industry.

Finding a site to e-cycle is quick and easy. Locations that are willing to take your material are often advertised either in the phone book or online. A Google search can help you find local stores in your area within moments. Depending on the size of your donation, some locations are even willing to come and pick your material up for you. Even if that is not the case, a drop-off takes only a few minutes. Some points to look for in a location are the willingness to pick up any e-cycle material, no-landfill and no-overseas policies, and DoD wipes of the drives. All e-waste material should be acceptable to the location, as opposed to choosing only the better items and leaving you with the more difficult to handle materials. An e-cycler should do all in their power to recycle everything and have no affiliation with any landfill operations. Wiping your drives with a Department of Defense 3-pass system will make sure that your information is destroyed, and cannot be used without your knowledge.