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E-Waste: Why Your Old Computers Are Ruining the World

By February 3, 2021 No Comments
Abandoned building with piles of e-waste and rubbish

Technology can be a wonderful thing that enriches our lives and provides us with unique opportunities that were never available before. For example, you might use technology now to carry out your at-home job, or perhaps you love using technology to consume media such as films and music. Whatever your stance on technology is, there’s no denying that it’s transformed our lives and things such as computers are now in every home.

However, rapid technological developments mean that our old technology is essentially rendered useless. A computer from a decade ago is almost useless compared to everything that we have today. It’s not the fact that the phone isn’t usable, but more that it’s not desirable and all of the new apps and programs developed for phones aren’t going to be compatible with it. This is a growing issue that is only going to get worse as humans hunger for more powerful and cost-effective technologies. They demand it without realising the amount of waste they’re creating, and thus the consequences to the environment.

What exactly is e-waste?

E-waste refers to anything electronic that we’ve thrown out or discarded. It’s officially defined as any discarded electronic or electrical device or their parts. It can range from anything from a smartphone to a laptop or even a television. Most people throw out these devices without really thinking about the dangers it poses to the environment. Due to all of the hazardous materials used to make these products (such as batteries), it’s important that these electronics are disposed of properly or else they’ll end up literally poisoning the land.

E-waste is quickly becoming a problem around the world and not just in major cities. One solution posed in the past was to donate unwanted electronics. This movement caused many electronics from first-world countries to be donated to third-world countries. However, technology is growing at such a fast pace that many of these devices end up being unusable or broken by the time they arrive.

This ultimately makes them useless, so they’re scrapped for useful metals such as gold, silver and copper. However, the people that do this job aren’t exactly skilled, nor do they have the right equipment. As such, they can expose themselves to toxic chemicals that harm humans and the environment around them.

So what can be done?

The best thing to do with e-waste is to recycle it properly. Disposing of e-waste properly can ensure that useful components are harvested professionally so they don’t pose a threat to people or the environment. If the device is deemed usable then it will be saved, refurbished and then put to good use. However, if it’s too old and unusable, then it will be safely dismantled and useful parts will be extracted.

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