Free Electronic Waste Pick-Up for Southbank Businesses

A Tech Recyclers provides professional e-waste recycling services for local businesses and organisations in Southbank. Find out if your corporate e-waste meets our quantity and recyclability requirements for our free bulk collection services.

Call us at 0402 651 980 to confirm your eligibility.

Make Some Cash Through Corporate Computer Recycling

Business IT assets are becoming obsolete more quickly than ever due to shortened product lifespans as manufacturers release new products at shorter intervals. This has contributed to the increased accumulation of corporate e-waste, which is a valuable source of non-renewable precious metals.

As you upgrade your IT assets, why not recover some cash through corporate computer recycling? A Tech Recyclers would be happy to buy back your end-of-life IT equipment, providing there’s sufficient resale value.

Recyclable E-Waste We Accept

  • End-of-life IT assets & electronic equipment
  • Mobile phones & tablets
  • Monitors
  • Printers & copiers
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Telecommunication equipment

Contact us to find out more about our Buy-Back Program.


Data Privacy Assurance

All hard drives collected for recycling undergo a triple wipe using a US standard data destruction process where we issue a Data Destruction Certificate upon request.

Request a free pick-up of your business e-waste. We’ll collect it directly from your Southbank premises if you’re eligible.

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    A Tech Computer Recyclers would like to offer their services as an E-waste Electronics & I.T Recycler for your Business or Workplace.

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