Free Business E-Waste Pick-Up for Kensington Businesses

Operating from a 1200m2 warehouse in Mentone, A Tech Recyclers has been providing professional bulk e-waste recycling services to the Kensington business community since 2016.

Given sufficient quantity and recyclability, your Kensington business might be eligible for A Tech Recyclers’ free electronic waste pick-up service.

Call us at 0402651980 to find out more.

Would You Like to Turn Your Corporate E-Waste into Cash?

Rather than leaving your cache of outdated corporate IT assets collecting dust in storage, why not liquidate them and make some cash through business computer recycling instead? Besides unburdening your organisation of obsolete IT equipment, your e-waste could be a valuable source of non-renewable precious metals.

A Tech Recyclers provides a Buy-Back Program for corporate e-waste with sufficient resale value.

Recyclable E-Waste We Accept

  • End-of-life IT assets & electronic equipment
  • Mobile phones & tablets
  • Monitors
  • Printers & copiers
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Telecommunication equipment

Contact us to find out more about our Buy-Back Program.


Data Privacy Protection

For your peace of mind, we use a US standard data destruction process to triple wipe all the data on your hard drives. You’ll be provided with a Data Destruction Certificate as verification.

Take advantage of our free electronic waste pick-up service. If you’re eligible, we’ll collect directly from your Kensington premises.

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    A Tech Computer Recyclers would like to offer their services as an E-waste Electronics & I.T Recycler for your Business or Workplace.

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