Free Bulk E-Waste Pickups for Carlton Businesses

If you’re looking for corporate computer recycling services in Carlton, your search ends here! A Tech Recyclers provides bulk electronic waste pickups for businesses and workplaces in Carlton for free, subject to minimum quantity and recyclability.

Call us on 0402 651 980 to find out if you qualify.

Turn Your Corporate E-Waste into $$$

Convert your hoard of unwanted, outdated corporate IT equipment into cash! We offer a Buy-Back Program for end-of-life IT assets with sufficient resale value. We’ll appraise your electronic waste and make an offer for your consideration.

Talk to us for more information.


Data Privacy Assurance

For protection against data privacy breaches, A Tech Recyclers uses a US standard data destruction process that involves triple-wiping all hard drives and issuing a Data Destruction Certificate to clients as verification.

Get the ball rolling by requesting our free electronic waste pickup service for your Carlton business today.

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